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We strive toward authentic spirituality over religion through silent prayer, glorious music and stressing the concept of love instead of comparison or judgement.


We are an American Baptist Community with a history of mission, ministry, and fellowship that has guided First Baptist Church for over 138 years.


 We are an Open and Affirming Church Community who believes in Loving Everyone – No Exceptions! We can't wait to meet you and learn your story.


 In 1879 the founding families met in homes. Prior to 1900 worship started in a building at Fourth Street and Jefferson in Loveland. As there was no baptistry in the church, members were baptized in the Big Thompson River near the old St. Louis Bridge. In 1904 a new church building was completed at Sixth and Cleveland during the pastorate of Reverend Frank L. Rozelle. Membership grew with the community and in December 1959 the congregation moved to the current building at Sixth and Douglas Street. The Reverend Francis K. Hauseman was the pastor at that time. The sanctuary was completed in March 1965. In honor of the many years of Rev. Hauseman’s service to our church, Hauseman Hall, our fellowship center, was dedicated in his memory. Following his service to our church have been the pastorates of Rev. Ted Nutting and Rev. Ross Sackman. In 1988 Rev. John B. K. Turnage accepted the call to become our pastor,  a duty he served fully until retiring in 2018. Currently, our Interim pastor is Rev. Robin Riley.



Robin Riley

I am happy to begin my work here as the Interim pastor at First Baptist Church in Loveland! I embrace the church’s mission to provide authentic spirituality and genuine love to all those who come our way.

When I think of church life and ministry the word “relationships” comes to mind. Living in community involves creating, growing, and nurturing relationships. Christ works through our relationships. The spirit moves within and among us to create a place where people feel safety, belonging and togetherness.

In a society that is constantly dividing and isolating people, relationships become even more important. Today people have more ways to connect, yet loneliness and depression plague our society. Church is more relevant than ever because people need a community where they can experience genuine support and acceptance of who they are. At church, we are called to be present with and for one another. I invite you to join us for worship on Sundays and experience togetherness and a sense of belonging.


Here’s a little about me


I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, most notably Wenatchee, Washington and Lewiston, Idaho. I am the second child of a family of seven. We spent most of our recreation time in the outdoors camping, hiking, and fishing.

I became a Christian at the age of 32 after a powerful encounter with the risen savior. My life purpose centers around service and a continuing journey of living faith. I was called to serve in ministry and entered college to complete a degree in theology followed by seminary training where I earned my Master of Divinity degree at the American Baptist Seminary of the West. From there I went on to complete a Ph.D. in Communication Studies at the University of Utah and entered the university teaching profession. I credit Christ with creating the foundation for all of my personal growth and success in life.

During my teaching career I served part-time in parish ministry and was ordained in the American Baptist tradition. As a college professor, I have worked in several university settings in the area of communication studies, media production and broadcast journalism. I retired from fulltime teaching about 10-years ago and entered fulltime ministry.

Nine years ago, my wife, Claire, and I decided to make a big change and move from Minneapolis to Colorado, my birthplace. Once in Colorado, I served in parish ministry at several United Methodist churches in Colorado and Wyoming.

My wife is a semi-retired ELCA Lutheran minister who continues to provide pulpit supply and works in her practice as a spiritual director. We have no children but love dogs and have two, a Papillion named Gracie and a Boston Terrier named Mojo.

We enjoy spending time outside, and I am active in a variety of outdoor activities: alpine skiing, mountain biking, swimming, hiking, and kayaking. I am also a musician and play the guitar.

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